Jack of all trades & all-round unicorn designer.

I'm Kishan Vadgama; an all-round unicorn Designer & Creator with 7+ years of industry experience as a Lead Graphic & Digital Designer.








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My story

I dropped out of uni & finally started learning.

I thrive working on the front-line and connecting with users, but am also involved in the back-end; where I'm able to collect data & use it to increase front-line performance. I've a general working knowledge of Marketing, Development and Product due to working with small teams, so am able to provide guidance in all areas. Incredibly curious; always the 1st to Google vital info & useless facts. Most importantly; I love to learn & evolve. I try to create practical things & analyse how I can make it even better. I have 2 goals with any given project; user satisfaction & increased revenue. I'm built like a freight train for deadlines & can juggle multiple tasks in my sleep. My typing speed is a freakish 92wpm (90th percentile).

I grew up wanting to become a superhero, or Jackie Chan. But there was already a few of those, so instead I began teaching myself design at the age of 15. I dropped out of a terrible University Design course after 4 months of being taught how to say the word 'computer', and a few weeks after that I managed to get a temp-job at a small security company in Richmond, whereby my duties consisted of picking and packing orders in a 8x10 ft room with little-to-no space, daylight or fresh air.

...Some things happened and I'm now 7+ years deep as the Lead-Designer of the same company 'Y-cam Solutions'; UK's most prominent manufacturer of simple-to-use wi-fi security devices.

I have the privilege of working as part of the front-line and back-end teams to create and market products that are not only impressive pieces of technology, but also empower people to protect themselves and their family.

Core skillset includes; Branding, Responsive Web Design, Responsive Email Design (MailChimp), Mobile/App Design, User Experience/Interaction, Concepts/ Wireframing, Animated Ads (Google Web Designer), Web/Email Performance, Basic Coding, Project Management, all types of Print Materials, Video Production, Animation and Music Production.

When not working at Y-cam - I love to produce music, work on my clothing line and eat cookies with zero regards for my teeth. #YOLO.




Let's make some magic together.

Don't be shy, if you'd like to talk about a project you need help with, just drop me a message at kishan@kishan.io.
Please, no ads for viagra or mail-order Russian brides. (No more space with the 2 in my attic already.) Holla.

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