New business direction

Reworking the app

Y-cam had always solely been a security camera company until Dec 2016, whereby it began focusing on alarm technology - sidelining the camera as an accessory to the alarm. However, due to the 10+ years that the company had been operating for, it had already built a large customer-base that predominantly utilised the app to view cameras. With this in mind, we were tasked to implement the new alarm flagship product into the camera-centric app, without disturbing the primary usage of the app.

The Flow

Guiding the way

The original app was nice and simple in the sense that it allowed a user to create an account/login and then follow some 'Next, next, next' steps, however it was flawed in the way that it failed to truly guide the user.
What I proposed was to scrap the entirety of the starting process and replace it with something more centred around the user, as opposed to what the company had created out of time constraints and deadlines.

Onboarding & educating

Why we're

The original app was inefficient at selling itself to potentially new users - as upon downloading the app, there was simply some logging in options and a logo. I created some key facts and used them as a tool for education for all.

High Fidelity Prototypes


In order to pitch my vision, I mocked up some prototypes that roughly showcased what I envisioned the revised app to look like. In addition, I created some animation styles that would be quick and fast for the developers to implement, especially under their project time-constraints.

App Launch

The original app provided no information to new users besides some lifestyle shots of house interiors. My idea was to educate new users that may download the app but not own any Y-cam products, and reinforce some key facts to new customers.

Create Account

The previous app drew great attention to the 'Create Account' button, whereas it should always be secondary to the more necessary 'Log in' button. In addition, I suggested to use fingerprint as an additional way of logging in.
It's also distressing to an end-user when they don't know how far along they are when setting up a product, and so I implemented a visual progress that showed how far a user was.

Adding a Product

Setting up products should always be a visually guided journey. This app proposal highlighted how interactive and intuitive the setup could be, without breaking the current process. By initially asking users for whether they had internet or no internet, heavily simplified the process and removed several steps from the overall journey.


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