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The UK's best smart home security solution.

Y-cam’s ethos is built on and around the elements of trust and wisdom. We live in an age whereby technology has become a double-edged sword, Y-cam recognises it as an issue and lends itself to be a trustworthy companion in protecting the things that are most precious to us. My job was to elevate Y-cam above it's competition and aid in it's succession to become a household name for security.

The Challenge

Started from the bottom,
now we here

Branding is the most powerful marketing weapon you can wield. It has the power to shift the tide of the market in your favour and create a loyal customer base that aligns with your vision. Y-cam was in dire need of a refresh to help instil trust in the market place among fierce competitors.

Branding Guidelines

Creating the
most powerful

Y-cam's previous artwork was frustratingly difficult to look at and lacked the simplicity it needed to convert the market. The first place I needed to start from was the Brand Book, so that we could establish some key messaging and guidelines that's were built around the end-users, without compromising the ethos of the company. These would be the stepping stones that would pave the way for a revitalised Y-cam.

Colour Palette

The voice

Blue was always the perfect colour that was able to represent the core elements of the company's values, but the way in which it was utilised made the brand seem cold, abrupt, unconnected to it's audience and offered no sense of real security and authority.

 By tweaking the blue hues and creating additional accent shades, I was able to create a more calming and steadfast, yet friendly, dynamic and balanced swatch book. In addition, I expanded the colour scale with some contrast colours for call-to-action elements to balance out the abundance of blue; such as lime green and bright orange (though, never to be used in conjunction with the actual logo itself).


The features

The original icons and diagrams for the company were very chunky, lifeless and visually cluttered. I recreated hundreds of icons as they were required, and by 'opening' them out and simplifying the amount of lines used and the weight of each, I was able to create more appealing and approachable iconography for use on the website, packaging and QSGs.


Rolling-out the changes

I recreated packaging, marketing collateral, company identity materials and channel artwork - these elements slowly worked their way through the business as soon as it became feasible. It wasn't an overnight change and various sacrifices had to be made to stitch together elements of the previous branding, in order to create some consistency with materials already still in the channels and avoid any customer confusion.


Let's make some magic together.

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